The Spotlight: Predator

You don’t know who The Predator is? Come ON! Out of this world killers with a serious attitude problem. 

It’s really not even a him though, it’s a them. The Predators come from outer space. They’re an extremely advanced alien race, who are so superior to essentially everyone, that their sole purpose for existence has now become strictly to hunt and do battle with any foe they deem worthy. They are almost as deadly as your mother in law, it’s true.

In fact though, none of them are worthy, (the prey or your mother in law); nobody stands a chance against them. They are bigger, stronger, smarter, and scarier than anybody you can imagine. Yes, even the aliens from the Alien series. Sure, from time to time one of them buys it, but they will have killed their fare share by the time that happens. I’d go ahead and presuppose that each Predator is killing 100 or 150 adversaries, before someone gets the best of them. Usually its a big Mama Alien (Alien vs. Predator) and at the very least an Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator) type. Oooh or Danny Glover (Predator 2) too! 

What about the Predator makes them so cool? The Predators are huge humanoid type aliens, with razor sharp teeth and an incredible looking outer mouth that opens in four directions with extra sharp scary fangs. Check it out…

They aren’t even fighters per se, so much as they are incredible hunters. They set up their prey and often times even empower them to be better adversaries. They don’t catch you off guard, they give you a chance to get educated and set up some sort of offensive before the game truly begins for them. It’s about challenging themselves. They aren’t the nicest chaps though, let’s not get confused. They’ll skin you and all your friends and hang you upsidedown to bleed out and scare everyone shitless.

They are tactical savages, if that makes sense, and they don’t harm the innocent, no sport in that. They can see in infrared too, so there is no hiding from them; they also are fairly skilled at voice analysis so they can copy your voice and lure your friends into a trap if you aren’t aware they are around.

Whenever Predators show up in movies, it’s always roughly the same idea: a few Predators versus lots of non-predators. Sometimes they have awesome guns, sometimes they don’t. It doesn’t really matter though, they are going to win any way you slice it. Bring all the artillery you want, you still don’t have a prayer.

Another thing I really love about Predator films is the way they set up the story. The story never opens up with the Predator, it opens up with the prey. Ok, fine, sometimes we see the Predators ship first, and realize they are coming down to Earth, but then the focus shifts to the prey, and what they are doing to even be near the Predators. We see the Predators first usually, through point of view shots. We watch them stalking if you will, learning the ways of those whom they are about to hunt. They listen, they watch…the thing’s over. They are organized. Which is why they are always winning well that plus the quadra-fangs…

These powerful hunters have been terrorizing humans, other aliens, littler predators, hell, even Tyrannosaurus Rex, for millions of years. It’s badass. They have six movies to their credit at this point, and while I can certainly rank them, I don’t hate any of them. There are enough mysteries about this awesome creature that they could easily keep pumping out films for awhile before I would call it shark-jumping. Doesn’t matter who they are fighting, they are going to win. 

I rank the Predator films in the following order: Alien Vs. Predator (yeah, I said it), Predator, Predator 2, Predators, AVP: Requiem, and I haven’t see the 2018 one yet, I had the time, but I needed to watch The Sopranos from start to finish twice so… yeah. In closing, the Predators are the best hunter killers ever. This is getting me too excited, I’m going to go turn off all the lights and chase my cats around the apartment.

Author: Peter

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  1. Couldn’t agree more except for the order: Predator, Predator 2, Predators, Alien Vs. Predator, AVP: Requiem, and I haven’t seen the 2018 one yet either….sounds like beers and movie to me!!

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  2. It’s interesting that you placed Alien vs. Predator as first. I agree that the movie is a bit underrated and is actually quite competently shot. However, the Predators are too underpowered with one Alien being able to take down 2 Predators and the third one being facehugged soon after. We need a movie where the lead Predator actually survives for once.

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